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Discovering Algarve and Alentejo, Self-drive
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Discovering Algarve and Alentejo, Self-drive

Opprettet: torsdag 7. desember 2023
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Opprettet: torsdag 7. desember 2023

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Day 1: Faro

Arrive at Faro International Airport, meet and greet by our local representative who will assist you with your car hire and inform you how to proceed on your departure day. Check-in to your hotel in Faro and if you’re itching to start exploring this fascinating capital of Algarve, stroll down its picturesque streets walking through the Arco da Vila that gives access to the old town, perhaps visit the Faro Municipal Museum and learn about the seafaring history of this city in a 5 long time exhibitions that present the origins of Faro from the Roman time until the present day. Igreja do Carmo, the Algarve's most prized historical church built in majestic Portuguese Barroque architecture, and the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) unveil you the mystery of the monks ‘lives and their theory of the ephemeral nature of human existence. Overnight in Faro.

Day 2: Silves

FARO - SILVES (65 km - 1 h)
Wake up to your tasty breakfast and get ready for your next destination. Silves is a delightful town, settled on the top of the hill above the Arade River. It was an ancient capital of Algarve, and Castle of Silves is still living evidence of the wealth and popularity of this town. Just below the castle there is a Silves Cathedral, Roman Bridge and Cruz de Portugal. While in Silves try typical local cake called Morgado de Silves. Is is made from almond and chila candy, stuffed with soft eggs and topped with royal icing, decorated with stands of eggs and marzipan shaped into small shapes that represent elements of the Algarve nature. Overnight in Silves.

Day 3: Silves

Enjoy your morning breakfast at the hotel. Today you can carry on exploring the Silves region. As a regional capital in one of the kingdoms of Taifa and a commercial and cultural centre, the roots of the Arabic influence are still presents in the local architecture and some of the local gastronomy. Walk down its alleys and streets and admire the Arabic elements and azulejos, decorative tiles that are shaping local frameworks. You can go to see the lovely resort town of Lagos, and take a swim in one of the golden sandy beaches. Overnight in Silves.

Day 4: Silves

Wake up to delicious breakfast at the hotel and spend your last day in Silves. Overnight in Silves.

Day 5: Beja

SILVES - BEJA (140 km - 2 hrs)
Start your day with the breakfast at the hotel and get ready for your following destination. Today you will drive to Beja, small historic town, capital of the roman ages under the Julius Ceasar regime. Beja was not only roman city but its architecture disclose the Moorish impact on the local building design, visible in the cobbled streets and houses in the old town. Medieval Castle from 13th century, the important fortress in the battles to defend Portugal's borders. Interesting spot to see is Sé Cathedral, Church of Santo Amaro, Rainha D Leonor Regional Museum and St. Mary of the Market Church. Overnight in Beja.

Day 6: Beja

Begin your day with the tasty breakfast at the hotel and continue exploring the beautiful region of Alentejo. Today you can drive to the charming villages of Serpa and Aljustrel, settled in the beautiful landscape created by the river Guadians. The landscape of Serpa is stunning, not only because of beautiful architecture and historic walls in the historic centre, but also on the magnificent, extensive plain and the rose-covered hills around the village. Serpa historic city centre hides monuments worthy to visit, such as Gothic-style Mother Churches, Nossa Senhora da Saúde or Misericórdia, as well as archaeological and ethnographic museums. Third oldest Tower clock is located here. Encourage yourself to try some of the local dishes, lamb stew, açorda, grains with garlic and laurel, and traditional sweets such as gila puffs and curd cheese, delight everyone´s senses. Drive to another roman village, Aljustrel and en-route admire the tranquil landscape, green valleys and rocky hills that surrounds this hidden roman gem of Alentejo region. Overnight in Beja.

Day 7: Evora

BEJA - ÉVORA (95 km - 1.5 hrs)
Morning breakfast at the hotel is a great beginning of your new venture. Drive to Évora, city commonly known as the book of Portuguese art history. The name came from the Celtic word, Ebora and nowadays it is one of the most romantic cities of Portugal, classified in the UNESCO World Heritage. Templo de Diana (Diana Temple), Catedral da Sé, Capela dos Ossos, are just few sites to visit, on which you will learn why this city was chosen by the Portuguese kings as their residence. Delicious local gastronomy cannot be ignored, as its Migas com carne, leftover bread, soaked in water, garlic, spices and combined with braised pork, is luscious experience for the foodie lovers. Overnight in Évora.

Day 8: Evora

After the morning breakfast at the hotel, stroll down the narrow streets of Évora again, and absorb it´s romantic atmosphere. Explore the hidden corners of the city, and enjoy the well tasted sweets and dishes at one of the local restaurant. Get a deeper insight into the local culture by visiting the Museu de Évora and learn why this city is so welcoming and charming throughout the centuries. Overnight in Évora.

Day 9: Evora

ÉVORA - MOURA - ÉVORA (240 km – 3 hrs)
Enjoy your luscious breakfast at the hotel and get ready to explore the Moorish legends. drive to town Moura, named after the Moorish Princess Moura Saluqia. The legend says the story of Saluquia that threw herself from one of the towers of the castle, after she discovered that her lover was killed. Visit the Castle of Moura on your own and explore further the history of this heartbroken story. Further on Convento das Dominicanas, Convento do Carmo and Azeite de Moura are worthy site to visit in the city centre, and relaxing cup of coffee in the heart of the city, is an excellent meeting point, with coffee shops, sidewalk cafés and many local shops. Return to Évora for your overnight stay. Overnight in Évora.

Day 10: Tavira

ÉVORA - TAVIRA (70 km – 1.5 hrs)
After the breakfast continue to Tavira. Tavira is small finishing village located on the bank of the river Gilãi and with superb island beaches in easy to reach, it is a wonderful destination for ending your trip. Coquet mixture of the Moorish and Portuguese architecture is very present in here, and Torre de Tavira, Catelo de Tavira and Igreja da Misericordia are some of the proofs that perceive this unique and fascinating history. Concealed within the labyrinth of narrow streets are traditionally tiled houses, local restaurants, and many decorative churches. Overnight in Tavira.

Day 11: Tavira

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and the last moments in this tranquil atmosphere of Tavira. Today you can visit surrounding villages of Olhão, Vila Real de Snato Antonio and Cabanas and learn more about the local lifestyle and tradition. Overnight in Tavira.

Day 12: Tavira

Wake up to the tasty breakfast at the hotel. While in Tavira do not forget to taste de typical cake; Folhado de Tavira, they areround-shapped puff cakes made with flour, margarine, lard and eggs. Once cooked, they are passed through shap sugar and wrapped in cellophane. Near Tavira you can also visit Cabanas de Tavira and Santa Luzia. Overnight in Tavira.

Day 13: Olhao

TAVIRA - OLHÃO (30 km – 0.5 h)
Begin your day with a delicious breakfast before driving to Olhão. Olhão is a breath-taking sight, surrounded by immersing golden beaches. Enjoy these relaxing atmosphere of the fishing town, perhaps taste the local sea food at one of the restaurant to appease your gastronomic interest, or stroll down the narrow streets of the old quarters of the town and visit the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Museu da Cidade, Mercado de Olhão. Overnight in Olhâo.

Day 14: Olhao

Olhão is a town of many "faces". It is a major port and actually the largest fishing port in the Algarve. In Olhão region you can find fantastic beaches but also the best seafood in the Algarve. Also try the local gastronomy, the Arroz de Lingueirão, it is a rice dish made with razor clam. Also please try the Folar de Olhão , also called Folar de Leaves or Folar do Algarve. It is know for ist layered composition, coated with sugar, butter and cinnamon, which creates a unique looking caramelized leaves. Overnight in Olhâo.

Day 15:

OLHÃO - FARO (15 km - 0.5 h)
Spend your last morning in Olhão savouring your breakfast. Then, hop in to your car and drive back to Faro, return the rental car at the Faro Airport and prepare for your return flight.


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