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Naha, Japan

Naha, Japan

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Naha Japan

Naha is the capital city of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Naha is a city on the East China Sea coast of the southern part of Okinawa Island, the largest of Okinawa Prefecture. Naha is the political, economic and education center of Okinawa. MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS • huri Castle. This castle is the former seat of the Ryukyu Kingdom, built in the Okinawan • The town of Itoman lies south and southeast of Naha. • Himeyuri Peace Museum. • Okinawa Peace Park. This park has a beautiful view overlooking the ocean, and features several open-air memorials including theC ornerstone of Peace • Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum. • Okinawa Peace Memorial Hall. • Okinawa World.
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Naha (OKA)
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